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Food from home – the inside info

31 Dec

Since living here I have learned that an Asia shop is actually code for FOOD FROM HOME!

Now I’m English so I only went into an Asia shop to look for noodles and curry paste. I got very happy when I realised that they had English foods too, that first trip cost me a lot, it was worth it, I regret nothing.

So to save you from having to visit five shops to get that one specialist item here is my lowdown on what delights each shop in Erlangen USUALLY has. Some items come and go, so stock up if its your essential.


Ghandi – Goethestrasse 44 (practically next door to the Bahnhof)

One of my favourites, for the sheer amount of stuff to love, and the selection is the most regularly in stock. You can pick up self raising flour, corn flour, Chappatis, Carnation tinned caramel, cheaper than the supermarket PG tips, mint sauce, Birds custard powder, Quaker quick cook oats, Johnsons baby lotion, fizzy vimto in cans, Pataks curry items. On top of these wonderful items this place really is a goldmine for your chinese and Indian cookery, check out the fridges and fresh veg sections for corriander!


Lily’s Asia Markt – Hauptstrasse 81

Not a fantastic selection but this is the shop that’s the most out of the way for me, they do stock unsweetened desiccated coconut though, which I have found hard to get at the regular supermarket.


Wing Xing – Friedrichstrasse 32

You will usually find, cheaper than the supermarket PG tips, mint sauce, HP sauce, Worcestershire sauce, corn flour, box pancake mix, Pataks curry pastes and sometimes cake mixes and brown sugar. Their selection of Asian items is also wonderful, their freezers are very interesting.


Asien Kauf – Luitpoldstrasse 19

This place stocks more American goods than British stuff so there are plenty of Pop tarts and fizzy drinks but they also do Pataks curry pastes and big bags of PG tips at much better prices than the supermarket.


My Long – Suedliche Stadtmauerstrasse 16

This place is crammed, do not attempt to go into here with a pushchair! It has a great asian veg section, lots of lemongrass, corriander, lime leaves etc but you do have to look hard for what you want. This is my favourite place to buy brown sugar, and they usually have some in stock, but you will have to look hard for it.

Whilst German supermarkets are becoming ever more stocked with international products, the prices are usually pretty high and you won’t get a lot for your money. The Asia shop will generally have the same products in bigger sized and for a sensible, if slightly high price. Corriander is a herb than is very uncommon in German cookery and therefore almost impossible to find in a German supermarket on a regular basis, this is where the Asia shop wins, they will always have some, My Long and Ghandi are my first two ‘go to’ places!



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