12 Jan

Or Karneval, is known as the fifth season. It officially starts at 11.11am on 11th November and finishes on Ash Wednesday with Rosenmontag being the pinnacle.

Costumes appear in the shops soon after Christmas, and they are not just for the kids! Celebrations and parties start in January but the main parades are held around Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) which is the day before (and here’s a term all British people have heard of) Shrove Tuesday (or Faschingsdienstag as they like to call it here).

If you go shopping or visit your bank during Fasching don’t be surprised that your shop assistant is dressed as a strawberry or your bank manager is dressed as batman complete with fake abs. Do the English thing, completely ignore it, take a sneaky pic as you walk away to post of Facebook later or go full on tourist mode and have your photo taken with them (after you ask their permission of course).

Two best local Faschingsumzug (faschings parade) are:-

The 44th Faschings parade in Erlangen Bruck 2.03.2014 2pm

The parade travels all around Bruck so get dressed up, grab your pitch on the pavement and bring a bag to catch the sweets that get thrown at you. Every club, group, band, kindergarten etc worth their salt has a float in the parade and their decorations are sometimes very unpolitically correct and usually downright hilarious.Watch out for flying Krapfen (donuts) and really enjoy hearing HEEELLLLLLOOOOOO shouted at you constantly by everyone in the parade. But seriously, it is a fun affair, bring some beer, wrap up warm and enjoy the place you live in!

Faschings parade Neunkirchen am Brand 4.03.2014 2pm (arrive early to get a spot)

About a twenty minute bus ride from Erlangen in Neunkirchen am Brand, a lovely town which just happens to host the biggest faschingsumzug in Franconia, honestly more than 10,000 people descend on this town (doubling at least, the usual population). Wrap up, bring food and drink, this parade is a long one, everyone and their dog will appear, watch out for how many times you say ‘this would never happen in England’


Fasching is also known (to me anyway) as Krapfen season, look at these delicious Krapfen available from every bakery on every street from now until shrove Tuesday! Try them all!


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