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3 Feb

When I arrived in Germany I spent a good few months living out of a suitcase. Now initially I didn’t think this would be a huge problem, but when my travel sized everythings ran out I had to face the pharmacy alone.

It was an adventure, not one that I expected just picking up a new shampoo!

I had a few problems when it came to purchasing anything:-
– My limited German skills
– Most of my preferred products were own brands so obviously weren’t available in Germany
– The water is very different here, than what I am used to
– The weather is very different here, than what I am used to
– I had no idea what the best shops or brands were

Now I have to admit to doing a little bit of stalking in shops to see what other people were buying, oh the things you do until you make some friends! So you get the benefit of my experience, here’s the lowdown

-Learn your preferences in German
Skincare – Haut means skin, Hauttyp is skintype
normale Haut – Normal skin
Mischhaut – Combination skin
trockene Haut – Dry skin (sehr trockene Haut – Very dry skin)
fettige Haut – Greasy skin
And other useful terms
Pickel – Pimple
Peeling – Exfoliating
Maske – Mask
Körperpflege – Bodycare
Gesichtspflege – facecare

Haircare – Haar means hair, Haartyp is hair type
normales Haar – Normal hair
fettiges Haar – Greasy hair
trockenes Haar – Dry hair
strapaziertes Haar – Damaged hair
Shampoo/Haarwaschmittel – Shampoo
spülung/Haarspülung – Conditioner
And other useful terms
Farbpflege – Colour care
Glanz – Shine
Glättungs – Smoothing
Volumen/Fülle – Volume/fullness
nicht ausspülen – Do not rinse (ausspülen – rinse)
das feuchte Gesicht – The damp face (feucht – damp, not wet)

– Look in all the shops before purchasing, the prices can vary greatly and special offers appear every week.

-Since I’ve lived here Soap & Glory (available in Douglas) and Aussie (available in DM) have both arrived and my day was made twice (it’s the small things)

– Do your research
For a long time my hair would just not behave like it did at home, talking to friends I realised that it was down to the ‘calky’ water, Ok so that may not be a proper term but have a look in your kettle, that limescale is what I’m talking about. My hair was in a worse state than my kettle, so I tried everything an finally found things that help me look like less of a woolly mammoth. If your hair is always amazing, well good for you, but good old trial and error was what I had to use.

Products can be pretty expensive here so always check out the holiday minis section before buying the full size if possible. My favourites are Aussie (DM), TIGI (TKMaxx and hairdressers) and L’oreal EverRiche (DM & Müller).

– And the weather, well this Winter so far has been very mild, but when it does get cold here it’s a really dry cold (no endless drizzle) and I always consider buying shares in moisturiser companies right about now. Luckily moisturiser is super cheap here, all our visitors take bottles home with them. My favourite is Neutrogena Norwegian formula.

Just like every other part of your life here, you have to find you ‘new normal’. If your brands are available here (lucky git) hurrah nut be prepare for them to be more expensive. If you do need to find some new favourites, try these places:-

Müller – Hauptstrasse 47 & Nürnbergerstrasse 10
The body, hair, make up, perfume selections are pretty good, look out for their special offers. Also keep your receipt, they have a tear off portion on the bottom so you can get money off your next shop there!

– DM – Nürnbergerstrasse (near Zara), Arcarden basement, Hugenottenplatz
Again the body, hair, beauty have good selections, perfume in mid price and not extensive and their products can be a little more expensive than Müller. Stock Aussie.

– Douglas – Arcarden main middle floor
Body and beauty, really good perfume section and they stock Soap & Glory and Benefit. Always really friendly and you always get some testers in your bag!

Weleda and Korres are also brands that I’ve turned to since living here and there are a lot of wonderful organic products out there, in particular Sante.

I also discovered Glossybox, which I found to be a cheaper way to try out products, practice my German and get to know what’s out there. You get sent a box every month containing 5 beauty, hair, skin products which are tailored to the profile you set up when you start. So picks arrive on the basis of your skin/hair tone, skin/hair type, how much you normally spend on products etc. I’ve been very satisfied with my monthly boxes and have been using the service for about a year. I even ordered a few man boxes for the husband and it has expanded his grooming options for sure.

PS No one pays me for these tips and recommendations, it’s all based on my experience.


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