Googling ‘Romantic Franconia’

7 Feb

I kid you not, that’s what I just googled. Come on, it’s almost Valentines day, give a girl a break. I didn’t really expect much to come up, but I’ve been happily surprised with the results.

So if you’re looking for looking for some outing ideas (for couples, singles and families and not just for valentines day) in Franconia look no further than Discover historic Franken on foot, by bike, by hot air flippin’ balloon ride if that’s your thing!
The site is very user friendly, there’s an English and a German version. The four historic town in focus are Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Dinkelsbühl, Ansbach and Feuchtwangen, all great places to visit and to take guests to, the architecture alone is pure Franconian beauty. There are tips about the points of interest in each town and useful links to museums and walking tours available (including those in English). The biking and hiking sections are complete with printable maps of routes, complete with their statistics on how hard or easy they are, these are only available in German but they are very easy to use! Finally the accommodation section has a range of option from camping to hotels and everything in between.
The guide section and some of the activities are a little hit and miss, some pages have lots of info and others very little or none, what information there is though, is good.

Now for a little history, Bavaria is also home to what is known as ‘The Romantic Road’, which was created in the 1950s  as a way to boost tourism. The road flows south from the River main to the Alps, the traveller can enjoy the change of scenery from agricultural rolling hills to the views of jagged snow topped mountains. The road passes the beautiful (Disneyesque, but made before Disney) Neuschwanstein Castle, definitely worth a visit, my preference is in the winter, there’s snow and carriage rides, it’s a pretty romantic place to stop on the romantic road (cheesetastic aren’t I?). My tip, stay in Schwangau if you can, nothing beats opening the curtains and seeing that castle in the morning. The provides tours following the road and its surrounding cities, you can even bike the whole 360km if you feel so inclined.

One thing Franconia is famous for (in Germany at least) is wine. Like most British people I was rather more looking forward to the beer drinking here, than the wine, but I am now an official convert. The city of Würzburg and it’s surrounding areas are hilly and provide the perfect conditions for growing grapes for wine, try a Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau or a more high quality (and pricey) Bacchus, you won’t regret it. A great supermarket choice is Die Jungen Frank’n, in white, red or rotling (pink), look out for the little stout bottles (boys, boyfriends, husbands, you could also pick up some flowers too).


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