They have a word for it…

11 Feb

A lot of articles point at German for being a complicated language full of compound words (you know the ones that hurt your head), but it’s also filled with words that describe a whole situation in one word.

These are some of my favourites :-
The present a man brings home when he has stayed out too late or done something wrong ‘Drachenfutter’ literally dragon food
The feeling of comfiness, coziness and all being well with the world, usually when you have a drink in hand ‘Gemütlichkeit’
To get together over coffee and chat (or rather, gossip) ‘der Kaffeeklatsch’
Glee at another’s bad luck or misfortune ‘schadenfreude’
An impulse, longing or desire to walk, explore and travel ‘Die Wanderlust’
The weight put on when eating whilst feeling sad or down ‘Kummerspeck’ literally sorrow bacon
To feel ashamed for someone else because of their actions, words, clothes etc ‘Fremdschämen’
The cowardly person who criticizes and abuses from a safe distance ‘Handschuhschneeballwerfer’ literally a person that throws snowballs whilst wearing gloves (what a wuss!)
That fantastic comeback you thought of as you were walking away ‘Treppenwitz’ literally stair joke
When you actually make something worse in the act of trying to make it better ‘Verschlimmbessern’
A face that just begs to be slapped ‘Backpfeifengesicht’
That feeling as you get older that all the doors are shutting to you and you are worried about what are you going to do ‘Torschlusspanik’

See, sometimes German is easier!


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