Krapfen Zeit

25 Feb

Why yes indeed that is a pyramid of Krapfen (donuts) in Erlangen Arcarden!

Krapfen only last until Faschings Dienstag (or shrove Tuesday/pancake day) so get in there and find your favourite, don’t get too attached if you love this years ‘it’ Krapfen, odds are that next year it will have been surpassed. This year the best (IMO) have been cronuts (Der Beck),the Mr Bienen (Backhaus) and the old classic Vanille (Kalcreuther). The worst has to be the Hugo one I tasted yuck, do not do it!

Fasching parties have already started and most kids (and some grown ups) will have their costumes ready to wear to school on Friday. Go shopping on Friday and Saturday, you will thank me!


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