5 x 5 Drink time

28 Mar

Top five beers brewed locally

Steinbach Bräu – Storchenbier
I love this stuff, it’s amazing. Smooth and subtle, a light cloudy beer with a clean, fresh taste.

Eichhorn-Brauerei – Vollbier/Festbier
Also another favourite here. This is the true amber nectar, clear with slight sour notes, wonderful stuff.

Brauerei Neder – Schwarze Anna
A dark beer as the name would suggest. It looks like stout but the taste is surprisingly not bitter or thick at all

Zirndorfer Brauerei – Kellerbier
Dark amber coloured with slightly sweet back notes, smooth and clean, easy drinking and a good choice to take to BBQs and parties. Also super cheap and sold in most supermarkets.

Kitzmann – 300
Auburn coloured with a full and earthy flavour, perfect accompaniment to proper German food. Made especially for the Breweries 300th anniversary and it thankfully stuck around afterwards.

Bottom three beers brewed locally and two other types of drink (because the beer here is really good and I couldn’t think of another two dislikes)

Tucher Bräu – Festbier
Worst hangover provider ever, never again (and no, quantity had nothing to do with it)

Kitzmann – Weizen
Smells like bananas, tastes really sweet, no, just no. I do love actual bananas though, just FYI

Schlenkerla – Rauchbier
A beer that smells like bacon! I love bacon, obviously I will love this beer too, right? Wrong, so wrong. This is a very dark thick bitter beer, that does not taste like bacon at all. I will happily only sniff this stuff because I’m not drinking it again.

Banana Weizen or Cola Weizen
I like a decent Weizen as much as the next person, but why Franconia, do you insist on messing with simple perfection? Suggest a Weizen radler (half beer half lemonade) and see a room of people stare at you in disgust, pour banana juice in there and no one some much as raises and eyebrow.

Whoever decided to mix cola and orange was clearly insane! I will drink cola, and I will drink fresh orange juice or squash (diluted cordial), but this is cola mixed with artificial orange flavourings. Try it by all means, you might like it, but it’s never getting into this house under any circumstances.

I’ve tried everyone of these drinks and I would encourage you all to do the same, I’m a firm believer in the saying ‘you have to have tried something before you can dislike it’. But what I will say is, you have been warned (insert evil smile here). Let me know if you try these out and shout out is you have other recommendations I should try!

As always, drink responsibly people.


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