Five for Friday

4 Apr

Eishaus – This place is an Erlangen institution, should you ever get to meet the owner you’ll find him to be American, he runs this wonderful ice cream shop as his summer job away from his ‘proper’ job in the states. You will find three Eishäuser in Erlangen, the original, the whole in the wall and the just out of town. The hole in the wall doesn’t stock all flavours but usually have a decent selection of at least 6 to choose from. If the sun is shining there can be a long, but fast moving queue and in the summer this one is open until 10pm (or until the ice cream runs out). Oh and before you order a huge ice cream, try a basic single first, that’s probably enough ice cream for the majority of the population!

People watching – Yes this is a pastime anywhere, but, when the sun comes out here in Erlangen so do the masses. This is your home now, be a local and hang out where the locals hang out, I’m all for traveling and making the most of my German adventure but I also need to feel at home, when in Rome and all that. Play spot the Jack Wolfskin (easy), spot the baby with no hat (difficult), bare legs on show (very difficult). And in return get stared at for wearing shorts, for not wearing a scarf, for wearing sandals with no socks and generally dressing appropriately for 20 degree weather.

I use this time to be constantly astounded by all the people who are still bundled up in their winter coats, hats, scarves, boots, me? I’m made of hardier stock. I remember -15 and +15 now feels like the Tropics, just recently I’ve worn actual sun cream because the sun has been so hot (blame the pasty British complexion).

Coffee in the sun – Suddenly every cafe has exploded onto the pavements and any free space is covered in chairs, tables, stools and cushions, no spot of sun goes to waste. La Brasserie, Manhattan and Kaffeekönigsmann all have good coffee and catch the sun morning-afternoon whilst Coffini catches the sun later in the day.

Bicycles – Enjoy this warm weather and get out exploring. If you don’t yet have a bike or need a new one check out the fahrradversteigerung (bike auction) which takes place twice yearly and where you can pick up a decent bike really cheaply! Bike trails and paths around Erlangen are safe and plentiful, suitable for all fitness levels, it’s around 20km to Nürnberg if you fancy a day out and why not cycle a bit further for your heavy German dinner and eat in good conscience that you’ll work the calories off on the way home.

Leave your coat at home – The weather has been gorgeous recently and I’ve been enjoying the reactions I’m getting to going ‘coat free’. I’m constantly astounded by all the people who are still bundled up in their winter gear, not just the big coat, scarf, gloves and hats too! By all means don’t pack up you cold weather gear yet but make the most of the sunshine!


One Response to “Five for Friday”

  1. foodessen April 4, 2014 at 9:29 am #

    People watching is such fun! I’m looking forward to many trips to our local Eisdiele in the months to come. Do you have a favorite flavor?

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