Easter in Franconia

10 Apr

Like all religious festivals in Catholic Franconia, Easter is celebrated with gusto. It’s not just about chocolate eggs here (they still have some though), it’s about real decorated eggs and every town and village for miles around joins in.

Osterbrunnen or Easter fountains (or wells) appear before Easter, basically the locals decorate any and all fountains or wells in their town with evergreen and decorated eggs (more plastic than real eggs now). Each fountain is different to the next, some are huge and some are small, there are plenty in between too.

The world record breaking Osterbrunnen is located in Bierberbach, bus load of German tourists tour Franconian Switzerland during the Easter period, purely to see these beautiful creations.




I don’t want to spoil Bierberbach for you but this is just a glimpse of the scale of their fountain, it’s definitely worth a trip, and worth going early to avoid the crowds.


And some of your neighbours may have an Easter tree set up in their garden (or even in their house), decorated with hand painted or cut eggs.


You don’t even need to go all the way to the Frankische schweiz to see an Osterbrunnen or two, look out for them in Erlangen, there are even some artificial ones in the Arcarden to check out.


So I suppose you’ve been looking in the shops for Easter eggs, English style Easter eggs, and you’ve not found any am I right? If you have I need to know where! Big chocolate eggs here just aren’t really a thing, its all about the Creme egg sized eggs (and the Lindt bunnies). Be careful buying filled eggs here, most of them will have an alcoholic filling, stick to Kinder or Milka for the kids.

If you like chocolate the Lindt chocolate bunny is the way forward, any size you want, any type of chocolate you want, and there are special Easter Harribo for non chocolate lovers. Osterbrot is my replacement for hot cross buns, every bakery has their own version and my personal favourite is the one from the Fuchs bakery, toasted with butter it’s amazing.

If you need some more inspiration then my previous post A-Z Local Edition might also be useful too.

Happy Easter expats!


4 Responses to “Easter in Franconia”

  1. Jolyn April 10, 2014 at 8:24 pm #

    I love your blog! I’ve lived here 12 years and we share so many of the same points of view. You are a talented writer. I look forward to your posts. Keep them coming!

    • theerlangenexpat April 12, 2014 at 8:01 pm #

      Thank you so much for just reading my blog, this comment about made my day 🙂


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