Fußball V Bergkirchweih

4 Jun

Sp the whole world is going a little bit football crazy at the moment, Germany certainly is anyway, but in Erlangen, there is a competitor for the limelight. This little get together called the Bergkirchweih starts tomorrow and Erlangen is conflicted.

Shop windows vie for your attention and the attention of your wallet

On the left

On the left

On the right

On the right

Some windows just mix the two events, see the ferris wheel and goals posts!

Some windows just mix the two events, see the ferris wheel and goals posts!

I’m biased, I’m not a really a fan of football but I am a fan of Bergkirchweih. Why? Maybe because it’s just unlike anything I’ve ever been to in the UK, and there is probably an amazingly long German word to describe how I feel about it but I’ll stop with it’s Berg.

The influx of tourists at Bergkirchweih time means shops are working harder to take some of that hard earned beer money from your pockets and it all starts with the displays.

Touristy goodies

Touristy goodies

This selection includes such classy and collectable items such as a booby mug, for all you tea drinking needs, yodelling teddy bears, Erlangen bear key rings, a singing bottle opener and much much more!

Tomorrow every other man in Erlangen will look a little something like this, only probably less pale and with a face ;)

Tomorrow every other man in Erlangen will look a little something like this, only probably a little less pale 😉

Bavarian goodies, well thats clearly for the tourists, it’ll annoy the Franconians, quick put him in a red and white checked shirt to confirm our status as confirmed Franconians.

Just FYI Erlangen is located in the state of Bavaria, see the blue and white flag in the above photo, it is also located in Franconia, confused yet? Franconia is a historic division of Southern Bavaria (mainly) and whilst it is not technically it’s own state it’s inhabitants are fiercely proud of their Franconian roots. It’s kind of like being Cornish! The flag you will see a lot here is red and white, it also tends to be a popular colour for mens shirts with their lederhosen.


Plenty of red and white to go around


Mens wear, come on guys, leather trousers to last a lifetime


Ladies, give it a go you might surprise yourself! And don’t forget to accessorise!

Incidentally it’s (one of) the best time of the year to buy ‘German’ presents (yes I’m talking Christmas in June) for family and friends. I swear they absolutely love this stuff, the weirder and the tackier the better (or maybe thats just my family and friends).

In the battle of Fußball V Berg I’m afraid Berg wins every time for me, it really was a foregone conclusion and I’m sure I’ll be forced end up watching some matches and I might even enjoy it, just not as much as Berg 😉

Well I’m in the mood and absolutely can’t wait, are you coming to Bergkirchweih this year? Does your village have it’s own?



3 Responses to “Fußball V Bergkirchweih”

  1. heatherinde June 4, 2014 at 12:02 pm #

    Woo for fest season! I’ll be passing through Erlangen tomorrow and am already looking forward to the amusement factor as people stream towards the Berg. We’ll see if I can manage to make it to the actual fest this year!

    • The Erlangen Expat June 4, 2014 at 12:06 pm #

      It’s even better watching them stumbling home at 11!

      • heatherinde June 4, 2014 at 12:30 pm #

        Hmmm, maybe I’ll bring a tent and camp out for the show. I do always enjoy the walk from Oktoberfest back to the Munich Hbf… 🙂

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