Bergkirchweih Opening Day

6 Jun

This post is going to be intentionally photo heavy and word light, it was a late but wonderful night last night.

Around 4pm I walked from town up to the Bergkirchweih, the sun was shining and the temperature read 22 degrees, perfect weather.


No need for a map, just follow the lederhosen


Getting closer, see that ferris wheel top right?


At the bottom of the Berg, this placard is a map showing where all the Kellers are located, the shop to the right also has maps to take away


Walking up the Berg, sensible shoes required on these cobbles


At the top of the T junction, looking down to the cobbles I just walked up


A beautiful day for celebrating


All the Kellers were open before the official opening ceremony, woohoo


No he’s not a doctor, but a waiter, when you hear ‘Vorsicht’ get out of the way!


My two faves – Steinbach and the ferris wheel


It was so sunny, hard to capture on camera


Not sure I’ll be trying out that ride behind the ferris wheel


Band walking back from the official opening ceremony (which I didn’t go to). The first keg was tapped in two apparently!

So I spent the better part of the night dancing on a table with a lovely bunch of friends, the camera stayed firmly in my bag.

Highlights included the only song I knew all the words to was Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping, not falling off the bench whilst dancing like a maniac, getting compliments on my Berg plaited hairdo, talking to supremely interesting and friendly strangers in English, German and French, finding some clean and huge ladies loos (it’s the small things! Incidentally they are at Erich Keller if you wanted to know) and prosting roughly every 5 minutes!

Lowlights included getting lost on the way back to the table every.single.time and having a guy literally pushed onto me (whilst I was alone and minding my own business waiting for the Mann to finish work) so just FYI middle aged middle management wankers it’s not cool and I hope enjoyed learning some new sailor worthy English insults.

The local TV was also in attendance and interviewed the local celebrities, the mayor, the king of sausages and the wonderful ladies of the Dirndl garage.


Entla’s Keller at about 10.45pm

This guy was enjoying himself!

This guy was have a great time!

No one sits on the bench at Bergkirchweih

No one sits on the bench at Bergkirchweih

Pretty much sums up Berg joy!

Pretty much sums up Berg joy!

And then it’s over and the washing up needs to be done, before it all happens again tomorrow

And then it’s over and the washing up needs to be done, before it all happens again tomorrow



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