Happy world gin day!

14 Jun

I couldn’t let this day go unblogged and uncelebrated. Gin is truly one of the loves of my life. From uni days with 60p gin shots to having to order gin and a separate tonic in Germany, there is nothing quite as versatile as a gin and tonic, a celebration, a commiseration or just plain old 5’O’Clock.


Best selection of gin in Erlangen can be found at Rewe (Getränkemarkt) on Karl Zuckerstr, as shown above!


2 Responses to “Happy world gin day!”

  1. Expat Eye June 15, 2014 at 1:20 am #

    I’m more of a vodka girl, but hey, any excuse for a drink 😉 I’m going to be in Germany on Monday – huzzah!

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