Last night of the Bergkirchweih

18 Jun

So Monday 16th June 2014 was the official last night of the Erlangen Bergkirchweih, it just so happened to coincide with Germanys first World Cup match, would there even be anyone there?

Of course there were people there! After the football finished there were a LOT more very happy and already plastered people there. Last night is something I would recommend to anyone living in Erlangen, it always has a lovely atmosphere and there is just something more authentic about Bergkirchweih during the week (I suppose less tourists for a start). We checked out some rides, had some very unhealthy and delicious food and settled down at the Steinbach biergarten, no dancing on tables but good conversation instead.


Overlooking Erich Keller

The real fun starts at the closing ceremony. Every year the last barrel is taken and buried at the keller which will hold the opening ceremony of next years Bergkirchweih.

Eagerly awaiting the last barrel of the Bergkirchweih

Eagerly awaiting the last barrel of the Bergkirchweih

Cue men in costume with pickaxes and spades carrying a beer barrel above their heads through a crowd of roughly 5000 people. And it gets more bizarre I promise….


Erlangen’s Mayor Florian Janick seemed to enjoy his beer and time on stage, thanks for keeping the speech short

…To wave goodbye to the barrel you have to wave your white handkerchief (or tissue in most people case)….


Waving goodbye to the last barrel of the Bergkirchweih

…Whilst singing ‘Blutwurst und Sauerkraut’ to the tune of…wait for it….The English National Anthem. Honestly it’s true, check out this video of the 2012 closing (as my camera died).

The barrel made it’s way through the crowds of people, the mayor made a short speech (and seemed to enjoy his spotlight on stage) and then just like that, it was over.

Until next year, Erlangen Bergkirchweih 2015 21/05-01/06.


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