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Online Shopping Essentials

8 Jun

The prices in Germany came as a big surprise, to say the least. There is definitely less of a throwaway, disposable culture with pretty much everything. I like that mentality, though it makes it hard to find cheaper alternatives which can be what you want when you are only going to be living in Germany for a limited time or are on a limited budget.

Beer? 60 cents for half a litre in the supermarket and in some restaurants it’s cheaper than cola or mineral water! We really won the lottery moving to Germany. Tights? Did I just pay 22 euro for a pair of tights? holy crap I really should check the prices before I buy essentials, and yes I laddered them whilst I was putting them on! All that money saved on beer just goes on other things, such is life. I have since found the cheaper tights (but the quality is rubbish so I often stock up at M&S) and the expensive beer, ooooo the delicious imported goodness of an IPA for a treat.

In Germany I cannot gauge the price of products simply by looking at them with my British eyes and mentality. Furniture buying was a nightmare, conversations went a lot like this
Me – ‘That looks like a nice TV stand, lots of room for DVDs, plain unfussy, we should get that one’
Him –  Looks it over, hmms and checks the price ‘No, we should keep looking’
Me  – ‘But I like this one, it’s the best one we’ve found’ strokes new shiny TV stand and plans it’s future in our living room
Him – ‘it’s 7 grand, stop touching it’
Me – ‘Wow I could get a car for that, not even a banger, an actual decent car….let’s just go to Ikea’

And we went to Ikea, our flat closely resembles the ones put together in the set up rooms in the shop and you know what? it works, and I discovered I’ve got mad skills in Ikea furniture construction.

If I was shopping for furniture today I might have shopped differently, but it would almost certainly have been almost exclusively online, from brands I now know and trust. Depot and IKEA are lifesavers, for everything from huge wardrobes to cushions and crockery and neither has to break the bank. Laura Ashley also delivers all it’s stock including furniture to Germany, do expect to pay a one off fee of £150 for delivery on made to order furniture (no matter how much you order) if you want to splash out.

Clothes and home wares again is where I struggled finding affordable items that I actually liked, the quality in places like H&M can be so bad it puts me off, I hate to waste money. Maybe Germany is rubbing off on me? but I also can’t afford to pay 80 euro for crappy quality jeans, so when I need something essential I tend to look to my old favourite shops back home. And I’m not saying German shops are awful or anything, I do buy stuff here (Erlangen has a Zara now), support your local economy and all that, but sometimes I want a bargain that will last the summer at least!

Debenhams, GapM&S, Boden, Lakeland, New Look, ASOSTopshop, Dorothy Perkins all have German or EU sites which you can order from and pay in Euros and save on international postage.

Top marks to Topshop, Gap, M&S, ASOS, Dorothy Perkins and New Look, they give you the option to shop as a German customer in Euros but also in English language. Boden, please understand that just because I speak English does not mean I want to pay in Sterling! Debenhams site also only runs in German, in both these cases I find it useful to locate what I want and check the details first on the English website and then find the items on the German site (both of which are identical) and order on there. It’s a little bit of a faff but it works for me.

Tesco Clothing (F&F) offer delivery to Germany for £4.95.

ASDA does not deliver to Germany yet, it does however deliver to the surrounding companies and promises to add Germany soon, feel free to email them and ask, pump up the pressure a little 😉

If there is something that you are totally desperate for that can only be delivered to the UK (I’m assuming your parents/friends will take delivery) you will need an efficient parcel delivery method to get your parcel from A to B (or rather UK to DE). InterparcelMyparceldelivery, Parcel2go and of course Parcelforce are all good places to look for competitive prices.

And for those times when you just need a taste of home there are shops completely willing to take advantage of this. Beware the prices is all I’m going to say! Foodfromhome, if you are ever in Dusseldorf you could always pop in and save yourself the postage, BritishfoodstoreonlineAsia shops are also worth checking out, no postage! There is also the British Empire (it’s a shop) in Nürnberg, which stocks a limited but varied supply of goodies (food not available online), some great British brands like New Balance and Dr Martens and some American ones too.

So whether you love shopping in Germany or loathe it with a passion I hope that you too find your own personal shopping groove, happy shopping!

PS. I know I didn’t mention Amazon, I’m not their biggest fan, but that’s a story for another time 😉


Fußball Fever

6 Jun

Near Erlangen is a unassuming town called Herzogenaurach (which I promise when pronounced by a local sounds utterly beautiful, but when pronounced by foreigners like myself….well we mostly save ourselves the time and embarrassment and just call this place  Herzo).

Whilst Erlangen hosts companies like Siemens and Areva as well as a well respected University, Herzo hosts the headquarters of not one, but two of the worlds biggest sportswear brands. Both Adidas and Puma have Herzo as their base of operations. Now I always thought this was a little weird,  maybe it’s to keep an eye on the competition, maybe neither wants to give up Herzo, so I did a little digging and and to an extent both are actually true.

The Dassler brothers, Rudi and Adi, did what good German boys do and joined their father in his shoe factory. When they inevitably took over the company their sports shoes became very famous, in part down to the pair they gave to Jesse Owens in 1936 who went onto win four gold medals (wearing said shoes). Now this is around the time the Nazis rose to power, both brothers were members of the party (as was the vast majority of Bavaria) and words were had, sibling rivalry raised it’s ugly head and the brothers went their separate ways.

Rudi named his brand Ruda (a combination of his name Rudolph Dassler), which soon changed to Puma and Adi imaginatively named his brand Adidas (a combination of his name Adolf Dassler). Considering their lack of imagination creating their names, the fact that their brands are still up there in the top 5 sports brands now is pretty impressive. The fact that they were brothers, competing hard in the same market, might just explain why they are still such remarkable and recognisable brands today and why the offices are still within walking distance of each other, got to keep an eye on family!

At this point it’s worth mentioning the benefits to having Puma and Adidas in the vicinity, the jobs for a start, lots of English speaking jobs, at good companies who take care of their employees, practically every third person in Herzo works for Adidas. There are also outlets for all you bargain hunters out there, Adidas, Puma, Nike and other various sporty brands, be aware that whilst they close at 7 or 8pm in the week on a Saturday they close at 6pm!  If you want to see what it’s like living around here, Adidas careers have a few super glossy super positive videos out to convince you, and I’m not saying that it’s not great here, but everywhere has it’s negatives right?

Well after that history of Herzo I can get back to the original point of this blog, with the World Cup around the corner Germany is reaching almost fever pitch excitement. Now Germans, like the English, aren’t usually very openly nationalistic (I guess history is to blame for that) but when the football is on all that internalized love for the country explodes into every aspect of life. I don’t know what it’s like over there in England at the moment but Germany looks a little like this…

Tri coloured everything!

Tri coloured everything!


lighters, flags, fake moustaches….

Yes ladies fear not you can get football themed fake eyelashes ;)

Yes ladies fear not you can get football themed fake eyelashes 😉

It seems that you can get just about anything in Schwarz, Rot und Gelb, sorry Gold. Yes Gold NOT Gelb or yellow! Germans get a little uppity about their national colours, but only as uppity as I get about people saying Union Jack when they should be saying Union Flag (FYI it’s only a Union Jack when the Navy are using it) fairs fair.

Noise makers, that kind of look like grenades!

Noise makers, that kind of look like grenades!

My favourites Marzipan and peanut M&Ms

My favourites Marzipan and peanut M&Ms

One of the most random bits of tat of the selection of nationalistic country supporting pieces I found were these, how have I ever lived without tri-striped plastic hands to attach to my windscreen wipers? That wouldn’t be distracting at all.

It’s true! who wants some?

It’s true! who wants some?

There is also a vast selection of kit and WAY more expensive ‘proper’ goodies to buy if that’s your thing. So far I’ve only seen an England shirt in Intersport and at 80 plus euros that’s where it will be staying! (I was looking for him not me)

Proper kit for proper fans

Proper kit for proper fans

So whilst the food and randomness made me hungry and entertained me I actually stumbled across some useful products. Hidden away on a low shelf in Mueller I found these little hand creams.

“My heart beats for ‘insert you team or country here (as long as it’s one of these selected 7)'

“My heart beats for ‘insert you team or country here (as long as it’s one of these selected 7)’

Obviously I went for the England one first, Oooo smells like tea (proper black tea not that fruity rubbish ;). I was hoping that this meant each country would have it’s own specific smell (ok so it doesn’t take a lot to excite me, it’s the small things in life, don’t judge me), Italy was next, no cheating and looking at the back, what would it smell like? Pizza? Bolognese? Tiramisu? No, Cappuccino was the scent they went for, and not a nice one, who wants their moisturiser to make you smell like you work in a cheap coffee shop? yuck

I didn’t hold out much hope for the rest of the line but I did what a good blogger does and took one for the team, I suffered so you don’t have to. Ha, ok so it wasn’t that bad but I was very suspicious about the scents for the other countries.

  • Netherlands – Cheese? Tulips? No, ‘neutral scented’, just smells like moisturiser, disappointing
  • Brasil – Sea water? exotic flowers? Half right, ‘Acaii berries & blossoms’, lovely fresh fragrance
  • France – Baguette? Stinky cheese? Wine? No, ‘Apple lemon Tart’, nice fragrance but why not the classic French Tart Tatin?
  • Spain – Paella? Sangria? Closeish, ‘Pomegranate and Buckthorn’, which actually smells good but I’m not sure of a Spanish connection with the fragrance
  • Deutschland – Sausage? beer? No, total cop out of ‘flowers and Herbs’, bland

At 6.95 a pop these little hand creams aren’t cheap but the England one has done great things for my dry (from bike riding and washing up) hands, and I really love the scent. It’s really as close to buying anything world cup related (that isn’t food anyway) and it’s actually useful.


They got me at Easter, now at football time, what next Dickmann’s?

I’ll be mostly avoiding the World Cup altogether and probably just waiting until the inevitable happens and I have to cheer up a miserable husband with beer tea and sympathy. At least I’ll be full and have beautifully soft hands anyways.

Who will you be supporting?


Fußball V Bergkirchweih

4 Jun

Sp the whole world is going a little bit football crazy at the moment, Germany certainly is anyway, but in Erlangen, there is a competitor for the limelight. This little get together called the Bergkirchweih starts tomorrow and Erlangen is conflicted.

Shop windows vie for your attention and the attention of your wallet

On the left

On the left

On the right

On the right

Some windows just mix the two events, see the ferris wheel and goals posts!

Some windows just mix the two events, see the ferris wheel and goals posts!

I’m biased, I’m not a really a fan of football but I am a fan of Bergkirchweih. Why? Maybe because it’s just unlike anything I’ve ever been to in the UK, and there is probably an amazingly long German word to describe how I feel about it but I’ll stop with it’s Berg.

The influx of tourists at Bergkirchweih time means shops are working harder to take some of that hard earned beer money from your pockets and it all starts with the displays.

Touristy goodies

Touristy goodies

This selection includes such classy and collectable items such as a booby mug, for all you tea drinking needs, yodelling teddy bears, Erlangen bear key rings, a singing bottle opener and much much more!

Tomorrow every other man in Erlangen will look a little something like this, only probably less pale and with a face ;)

Tomorrow every other man in Erlangen will look a little something like this, only probably a little less pale 😉

Bavarian goodies, well thats clearly for the tourists, it’ll annoy the Franconians, quick put him in a red and white checked shirt to confirm our status as confirmed Franconians.

Just FYI Erlangen is located in the state of Bavaria, see the blue and white flag in the above photo, it is also located in Franconia, confused yet? Franconia is a historic division of Southern Bavaria (mainly) and whilst it is not technically it’s own state it’s inhabitants are fiercely proud of their Franconian roots. It’s kind of like being Cornish! The flag you will see a lot here is red and white, it also tends to be a popular colour for mens shirts with their lederhosen.


Plenty of red and white to go around


Mens wear, come on guys, leather trousers to last a lifetime


Ladies, give it a go you might surprise yourself! And don’t forget to accessorise!

Incidentally it’s (one of) the best time of the year to buy ‘German’ presents (yes I’m talking Christmas in June) for family and friends. I swear they absolutely love this stuff, the weirder and the tackier the better (or maybe thats just my family and friends).

In the battle of Fußball V Berg I’m afraid Berg wins every time for me, it really was a foregone conclusion and I’m sure I’ll be forced end up watching some matches and I might even enjoy it, just not as much as Berg 😉

Well I’m in the mood and absolutely can’t wait, are you coming to Bergkirchweih this year? Does your village have it’s own?


A BBQ season Boogie

22 May

As you’ll see from the above Eating Out tab I love to review my local eateries and generally pass on information about great places and warn of the not so great. That, and the fact that I got such a great response to my Insiders guide to the Bergkirchweih recently gave me the idea to do some more in depth reviews of some of my local culinary discoveries.

Now today started as the first free day I’ve had for a few weeks, I had plans, big plans, of wearing PJs, getting some sun and attempting to scale a pile of washing which was threatening to engulf the flat. But first I had a cup of tea and checked Facebook, as you do.

I love Facebook, it’s a fabulous place that allows me to keep up to date with friends from home and in far away places. I can ignore the over-sharers, attention seekers and braggers without much hassle and I find it interesting (sociologically speaking) to see how other people use FB compared to how I use it. Anyway, back to the point, I was made aware of a certain BBQ joint in Nürnberg about 6 months ago and I ‘Liked’ them on Facebook, they don’t post much and aren’t spammy in their advertising like some pages, I kept meaning to go but just never got round to it until today……And this popped up on my FB feed



I sent this exact picture to a friend and after considering her plans were pretty much the same as mine and the weather a balmy 30 degrees, we decided to Eff it and go get some BBQ for lunch. The best decision we could have made.

Boogie’s BBQ – Food ***** Price ** My vote *****
Nimrodstraße 10 90441 Nürnberg

You will find this rustic cafe on an Industrial Estate, first right turn as you drive into the estate on Nimrodstr, it’s easy to miss so go slow, look out for a black sign with white lettering.

It’s totally a no frills kind of place, you go for the food (which completely speaks for itself) but the place is clean and has staff who are are wonderfully friendly in German and English.

The menu

The menu for today, obviously everything is subject to change, when they run out they run out, no turkey club for us today!

All the meat is Memphis style BBQ, not that this means a lot to me as a Brit, but I did get the recommendation from a Texan, who I trust knows more about these things than I. Deciding was difficult, pork, brisket, turkey and pastrami were all in the running. Confession time, I had to google Burnt ends when I got home because was nervous that it was some kind of euphemism for horse or something, next time I’m definitely having that though. We saw sandwiches being served so we both ended up choosing pulled pork sandwiches, with sides of coleslaw, caesar salad and apple sauce, they do offer a BBQ salad, think open sandwich without the bread, which based on the Caesar salad I’d be happy with.

My delicious lunch - Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and Caesar salad

My delicious lunch – Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and Caesar salad

You order at the till just by the menu chalkboard, the waitress was very patient with us, it was very hard to choose. Once you’ve paid and collected your drink from the fridge (beer and soft drinks available) you can settle in at a table and wait for your food. Served in a basket covered in baking paper with cutlery, kitchen roll (very necessary for hand and face wiping) comes to the table along with their four home made tomato sauces. Choose from a vinegar based, a fruity, a classic smoked (loved it) or a volcano spicy one (approved), or try all four, there is enough food believe me!

We sat outside, next to where the cars park, it’s not massively classy but it’s clean, tidy and comfortable on the picnic benches. Inside there is more seating but the weather was too good to hide inside, I’d recommend booking to guarantee a table, especially if you are travelling from Erlangen or have a party bigger than two. Also check out their opening times and days before dropping in, they are shut Sunday and Monday and are only open 11am-6pm Tuesday/Wednesday and 11am-9pm Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

The coleslaw is confirmed as the best I’ve had (eating out) in Germany so far and the Caesar salad was a great side too, the dressing is lovely. The bread was very different to a German bread, it held it’s own against the meat and didn’t get overly soggy and fall apart! The meat was incredibly tender and juicy and I even found some chewy blackened end pieces in there (which I love). Price wise this place is great, I paid just over 8 euro for a sandwich, two sides and an apfelschorle.

So apparently I’m a sucker for advertising, well played Boogie’s BBQ. Lunch was gorgeous and I already have plans to visit again, I have a feeling that my husband might just end up loving this place more than I do.

Clothes maketh the (wo)man

14 Apr

Now I’m not talking about just any kind of clothes here, I’m talking about German traditional clothes or Trachten. Men wear lederhosen (real men anyway) and women get the opportunity to wear a supremely flattering and beautiful outfit which they call a dirndl (pronounced Deer-n-dil).

The dirndl I refer to is not the very traditional dress that some Germans wear for celebrations but the more modern form of dress that is easy to wear and comes in may different styles, colours and price ranges. You can see the more traditionally dressed women at local events, they will often have matching outfits since they are part of the same group. Their outfits are beautiful down to the wicker bag and fresh flowers they tote.

When we first moved here, under no circumstances would you get me prancing through town in ‘a milkmaid outfit’, yes those were my exact and uneducated words. I’m not a girly girl you see, I spend my spare time in jeans, a dress with an apron and a frilly blouse? No.

And if I had never stepped into that Tracht shop one rainy afternoon and been taken under the wing of a dirndl wearing saleswoman, I would feel downright out of place at a beer festival. I also wouldn’t feel so feminine, whilst drinking my litre of beer. In the past few years the wearing of trachten to to beer festivals has really taken off, just check out the Bergkirchweih if you don’t believe me.

A dirndl is made up of a snugly fitted corset like bodice, blouse, skirt and apron, and if you’re worried that you will end up all cleavage, then don’t (unless thats your thing of course) a dirndl can be modest and practical as well as figure flattering. You can pick just about any colour you want, even the plainest cotton dirndl can have some beautiful detailing on the buttons and neckline. Go as plain or as fancy as you want, but do be aware that you will be wearing it outside surrounded by a lot of beer, maybe rethink the silk! And you will always find a pocket in the skirt, though its only really big enough to keep your 50 cent for the loo safe.


Image by Ornella M via Flickr

This is the only time anyone over the age of 20 should wear a belly top (crop top as a non northern translation). Since the bodice is close fitting your blouse will be elasticated and end just under your bust, don’t worry once you get the dress on you’ll feel better I promise! You will have to choose from a vast array of white and some black blouses, puffy sleeves, lace, off the shoulder, buttons, frills you name it you’ll find it. My advice? find the dirndl first, then try on at least five different tops before you make up your mind.

The bodice is form fitting, it gives you amazing posture and can give you help in the bust department (if necessary). Also if you do need a bit of extra help, check out the dirndl bras, they tend to be balcony rather than plunging so you get a more natural cleavage rather than a full on in your face boobage.

Skirt lengths are less varied, the mini(high above the knee), the midi (knee length or longer) and the long (mid calf to ankle). Bear in mind that you’ll be up on a table dancing and riding your bike around in this dress, if you go for the mini, please get some big pants too! The midi is generally the most popular length, everyone can rock it and not much chance of flashing your knickers. Long is generally more for the older generation (50s or 60s) or waitresses, and yes, all ages wear dirndls from baby to grandma, check out a bridal dirndl they are stunning.

The apron itself is not a big deal, where you tie it on the other hand is. The code of dirndl apron tying is as follows, ‘single or looking’ bow tied to the right on your hip, ‘married, taken or not looking’ bow tied to the left. Front and centre bow means you’re a virgin (strangely one doesn’t see a lot of these about) and back centre is either widowed or a waitress.

Shoes, this is always a bit of contentious issue, purists maintain that trainers should not be worn with your dirndl but trekking a couple of miles through a muddy forest means that pretty heels are a big no. Ballet flats, pumps and converse (other brands are available obviously) tend to be what most women choose, you can get special tracht shoes but I’m not a fan because they are quite clompy.

So go and buy your dirndl before the craziness of the pre Bergkirchweih shopping starts, now is the perfect time. Check out C&A for cheap and cheerful, Erlangen Dirndl Garage for last seasons collections at bargain prices (Opens 5th April) and Wirkes Dirndl & Tracht for unlimited choice and good advice. Peek & Cloppenburg and Galeria Kaufhof also sell them seasonally though theirs tend to be on the pricier side.

You will feel especially silly the first time you go out dressed in a dirndl, you might even find yourself humming ‘the hills are alive’ but when you get to that beer festival you will be glad you did it.

Honestly, the best matching accessory to your dirndl is your guy in his lederhosen, I always maintain that ‘real men wear lederhosen’ and honestly if your guy won’t join in once you are looking beautiful in your dirndl, well, I may rethink the guy. Go shopping together and he can pick a coordinating shirt, it’s also a fun shopping trip to have with your visiting friends if they want that authentic beer festival experience!

Just don’t EVER turn up dressed like this, you will get laughed out of town!

bad dirndl

Image by Thomas Cizauskas via Flickr



Five for Friday

4 Apr

Eishaus – This place is an Erlangen institution, should you ever get to meet the owner you’ll find him to be American, he runs this wonderful ice cream shop as his summer job away from his ‘proper’ job in the states. You will find three Eishäuser in Erlangen, the original, the whole in the wall and the just out of town. The hole in the wall doesn’t stock all flavours but usually have a decent selection of at least 6 to choose from. If the sun is shining there can be a long, but fast moving queue and in the summer this one is open until 10pm (or until the ice cream runs out). Oh and before you order a huge ice cream, try a basic single first, that’s probably enough ice cream for the majority of the population!

People watching – Yes this is a pastime anywhere, but, when the sun comes out here in Erlangen so do the masses. This is your home now, be a local and hang out where the locals hang out, I’m all for traveling and making the most of my German adventure but I also need to feel at home, when in Rome and all that. Play spot the Jack Wolfskin (easy), spot the baby with no hat (difficult), bare legs on show (very difficult). And in return get stared at for wearing shorts, for not wearing a scarf, for wearing sandals with no socks and generally dressing appropriately for 20 degree weather.

I use this time to be constantly astounded by all the people who are still bundled up in their winter coats, hats, scarves, boots, me? I’m made of hardier stock. I remember -15 and +15 now feels like the Tropics, just recently I’ve worn actual sun cream because the sun has been so hot (blame the pasty British complexion).

Coffee in the sun – Suddenly every cafe has exploded onto the pavements and any free space is covered in chairs, tables, stools and cushions, no spot of sun goes to waste. La Brasserie, Manhattan and Kaffeekönigsmann all have good coffee and catch the sun morning-afternoon whilst Coffini catches the sun later in the day.

Bicycles – Enjoy this warm weather and get out exploring. If you don’t yet have a bike or need a new one check out the fahrradversteigerung (bike auction) which takes place twice yearly and where you can pick up a decent bike really cheaply! Bike trails and paths around Erlangen are safe and plentiful, suitable for all fitness levels, it’s around 20km to Nürnberg if you fancy a day out and why not cycle a bit further for your heavy German dinner and eat in good conscience that you’ll work the calories off on the way home.

Leave your coat at home – The weather has been gorgeous recently and I’ve been enjoying the reactions I’m getting to going ‘coat free’. I’m constantly astounded by all the people who are still bundled up in their winter gear, not just the big coat, scarf, gloves and hats too! By all means don’t pack up you cold weather gear yet but make the most of the sunshine!

5 x 5 Drink time

28 Mar

Top five beers brewed locally

Steinbach Bräu – Storchenbier
I love this stuff, it’s amazing. Smooth and subtle, a light cloudy beer with a clean, fresh taste.

Eichhorn-Brauerei – Vollbier/Festbier
Also another favourite here. This is the true amber nectar, clear with slight sour notes, wonderful stuff.

Brauerei Neder – Schwarze Anna
A dark beer as the name would suggest. It looks like stout but the taste is surprisingly not bitter or thick at all

Zirndorfer Brauerei – Kellerbier
Dark amber coloured with slightly sweet back notes, smooth and clean, easy drinking and a good choice to take to BBQs and parties. Also super cheap and sold in most supermarkets.

Kitzmann – 300
Auburn coloured with a full and earthy flavour, perfect accompaniment to proper German food. Made especially for the Breweries 300th anniversary and it thankfully stuck around afterwards.

Bottom three beers brewed locally and two other types of drink (because the beer here is really good and I couldn’t think of another two dislikes)

Tucher Bräu – Festbier
Worst hangover provider ever, never again (and no, quantity had nothing to do with it)

Kitzmann – Weizen
Smells like bananas, tastes really sweet, no, just no. I do love actual bananas though, just FYI

Schlenkerla – Rauchbier
A beer that smells like bacon! I love bacon, obviously I will love this beer too, right? Wrong, so wrong. This is a very dark thick bitter beer, that does not taste like bacon at all. I will happily only sniff this stuff because I’m not drinking it again.

Banana Weizen or Cola Weizen
I like a decent Weizen as much as the next person, but why Franconia, do you insist on messing with simple perfection? Suggest a Weizen radler (half beer half lemonade) and see a room of people stare at you in disgust, pour banana juice in there and no one some much as raises and eyebrow.

Whoever decided to mix cola and orange was clearly insane! I will drink cola, and I will drink fresh orange juice or squash (diluted cordial), but this is cola mixed with artificial orange flavourings. Try it by all means, you might like it, but it’s never getting into this house under any circumstances.

I’ve tried everyone of these drinks and I would encourage you all to do the same, I’m a firm believer in the saying ‘you have to have tried something before you can dislike it’. But what I will say is, you have been warned (insert evil smile here). Let me know if you try these out and shout out is you have other recommendations I should try!

As always, drink responsibly people.

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