Eating out

These are my recommendations in and around Erlangen, most I have experienced myself and some have been recommended to me and I aim to visit soon. All are located in Erlangen unless otherwise stated.

I rate on a five star maximum basis, under three headings – Food, Price and My vote. Food, involves quality, choice and taste. Price is self explanatory really, more stars equals more expensive. My vote is my own completely personal choice and based on the place as a whole, all the way from the food to the staff to the facilities. Five stars are given to places that I love and have visited on a numerous times, and that I will continue to visit as long as I live here.


Mein Lieber Schwan – Food ***** Price **** My vote *****
Fantastic European style food, wonderful service, I cannot recommend this place enough. The menu has a great choice of meat, fish and vegetarian options and as for desserts there is always a good selection but the Schwanenteller (Swan plate), a selection of various desserts is the perfect choice to share and takes some beating! Make a booking as it fills up quickly. They do provide an English menu and speak excellent English.

Salz & Pfeffer – Food ***** Price *** My vote *****
This place is small but perfectly formed, great European food with great service.  The menu changes weekly  and is made up of seasonal produce from the region, if you sit at the bar you can even watch it being cooked! The staff are young and friendly and speak a variety of languages, service is fast but not rushed and their Espresso gets a thumbs up from me. Due to the intimate nature of the restaurant booking is essential to avoid disappointment. 

La Barca – Food **** Price *** My vote ****
Markets itself as a cafe, bar and tapas restaurant, it does all these things very well and you wont find the same food anywhere else in Erlangen. It is a lovely place to put the world to rights with friends especially when it’s warm enough to sit outside, the inside space is smaller and booking is recommended.

Hiro sakao – Food **** Price **** My vote ****
A Sushi and Japanese restaurant which is always busy, that’s a really good sign in my book. I’m no sushi expert but I know a girl who is and I ended up here on her recommendation, it did not disappoint. They have a wide range of dishes from soups and tempura to sushi (obviously) and noodles, personal recommendations are the Naomi and the Akio, both delicious. Their four desserts don’t disappoint either, green tea ice-cream yum! Just FYI they close after lunch 2.30-5pm and always book to avoid disappointment.

Parmigiano – Food *** Price *** My vote **
An Italian restaurant where I would always recommend the pasta over the pizza for dinner, the pizza isn’t bad but the pasta is better. Their speciality is the Spaghetti Parmigiano, which is finished at your table, very rich and very filling. The staff are friendly but not the best service wise. Try the Himbeer soda or Lambrusco, girly and good.

Tio – Food **** Price *** My vote ****
Their pizza is the best in town and you will always find one that you want, if not five. Lovely low-key dining here, date night, quick bite and large parties can all be catered for. The menu is extensive for pizzas and there are plenty of other Italian based delights to choose from too. Try the Tio beer, a special Tio blend from the Kitzman brewery, the cocktails aren’t half bad either.

House of India – Food**** Price **** My vote ****
Wonderful traditional Indian cuisine with very friendly service. Some of the best Indian food I’ve eaten ever! I had the Mughali Biryani which was stunning and served in traditional pottery, your meal can be cooked according to your taste for spice. One higher than hot is Indian hot which I’m reliably informed has a decent heat behind it, perfect for those long winter evenings. Their menu provides English translations, the restaurant is on the smaller side so booking is necessary for larger groups.

Gasthaus Roemming – Food **** Price ** My vote *****
Czech specialities available here, as long as you are hungry, you will enjoy this place. they have a different Czech beer on tap for every month of the year, if you wait for your favourite, take my advice and go early, once it’s gone, it’s gone (until next year anyway). The staff are very friendly and the service is always great, try the bohemian style garlic bread (not for the faint hearted) and the Goulash with soft bohemian dumplings.

Rauchfang Erlangen – Food **** Price ***** My vote ****
One of the best places for steak in town. A traditional German style restaurant who do a fabulous line in steak, vegetarians this is probably not the place for you. Quite high prices but good quality food. If you don’t want a steak for dinner the menu is fairly limited this may not be the place for you.


– Open for outdoor eating generally April to September and indoors for the Winter months

Biergarten am Röthelheim – Food **** Price ** My vote *****
A shady beergarden is worth it’s weight in gold as the heat of the summer takes hold. Provides a simple traditional menu in the summer, Kitzman on tap and has an indoor restaurant which stays open year round. They do have a sandpit for little ones but arrive early to stake your claim on a table because the place fills up quickly.

Zum Angerwirt – Food **** Price ** My vote *****
Its slightly put of the way location means this place is unknown to most non locals. The menu is large and varied, not just your usual beergarden fare. Always check out the seasonal dishes menu, there are always great dishes on there. Book and a Friday and Saturday  night if you are four or more, the staff are very friendly and the place is very child friendly too.

Entla’s Keller – Food**** Price ** My vote*****
Open April to September officially, and longer if the weather stays nice, Entla’s Keller is an Erlangen institution. Offering a simple Franconian menu and located on the Berg makes this beergarden a great place to meet and socialise. The owner is passionate about his Keller and even does tours, his English is great and his enthusiasm is infectious, there are many live music events there in the summer.

Steinbach Bräu – Food **** Price ** My vote *****
Officially my favourite beer in Erlangen. The Steinbach provides a limited beergarden menu through the summer and a small Franconian menu in the winter, this does include a few vegetarian options. An English menu is available and the staff are always friendly, you might even be able to watch the storks in their roost over the brewery via the Stork-Cam while you relax.

Unicum – Food*** Price ** My vote ***
A hidden local beergarden that you won’t stumble over accidentally. Traditional beergarden fare in a traditional atmosphere, with the added bonus of a good safe kids play area. They also open through the winter inside as a Bistro (not yet tested this out) and serve a good range of beers, wines and soft drinks.

Kitzmann – Food *** Price *** My vote ***
A lovely spot in the summer and located right in the centre of town. The beer is at it’s freshest here and you will usually get a sample of the beer of the season when you sit down. The inside restaurant is not huge so book to be guaranteed a table, good solid German food place to bring holidaying family, the 300 beer is one to try along with the Apfelkuchle.

Alter Simpl – Food *** Price **** My vote ***
If you aren’t paying, maybe head here, it’s the standard German food and they are experienced at dealing with non German speakers. The Tatar and the Carpaccio are their standout dishes in my opinion. This place gets busy, so book to avoid disappointment.


A cafe for me covers somewhere open in the day, maybe as well as at night, there are a few cross over restaurant/cafes in Erlangen, these are places that are good for a cup of coffee in addition to breakfast, brunch, lunch and sometimes dinner too. Most places are licensed for alcoholic beverages.

Teehaus – Food ***  Price **  My vote ***
For tea selection they cannot be beaten, and do some other lovely coffee type concoctions too, and massive pieces of cake too. The atmosphere is very laid back and you can be equally comfortable there if you’re a student or an OAP, the courtyard is glorious in the summertime.

La Brasserie – Food **** Price ** My vote ****
This is a cafe/resturant type place, you can just as easily sit drinking coffee and people watching in the summer or meet friends for dinner in the evening. The menu is more european than purely German, try the Flamkuchen  (served after 6pm) or the cheese burger, which personally I give the crown to as best in Erlangen. Always friendly service, and always ask about availability when the tables are full of reserved signs, they will usually be able to get you in!

Coffini – Food *** Price ** My vote *****
My favourite place for a Chai latte, their food range is limited to soups, sandwiches and cakes which is fine by me. It’s a great place to people watch when the sun is out and their seasonal specials are always lovely.

Cafe Cycles – Food **** Price ** My vote *****
I love this place, their menu is varied, their specials are modern, unusual and tasty as heck! Go for brunch or lunch or dinner and drinks, they have it all. Grab a board game and shelter from the winter or bathe in the coolness of their sheltered outside seating in the summer.

Cafe Mohr – Food *** Price ** My vote ****
A smaller place that you might not even see walking past, their coffee is excellent and the menu is small but has a range of German (but not too German) dishes including some pretty yummy salads and a range of daily specials.

Kaffeekönigin – Food *** Price ** My vote ****
Small but perfectly formed, with a window so you don’t even have to go in to get your coffee. The coffee and chocolate selections here are plentiful and there is a definite emphasis on Fair trade stock. Even spotted some British fudge for sale and they make their own cakes and even shortbread, lovely ambiance but the place is small so don’t go with a big group unless the suns out and you can bask outside.

Das Lorleberg – Food ** Price ** My vote **
A quite average cafe with very little soul, it has a bakery attached where you can buy muffins, cakes and breads. The muffin I had was ok but I won’t be having one again.

Cafe Mengin – Food ** Price **** My vote **
Markets itself as a bit of an upmarket kind of place and the prices reflect that. They have a great range of breakfasts which are perfect for whiling away a morning but sometimes they falter on the service provided. If you want to have cake with your coffee here you have to go to the attached cake shop to choose it, if German cake is your thing, you will be in heaven.

Starbucks – Food ** Price **** My Vote *
Just the same as everywhere else.

Mr Bleck – Food ** Price *** My vote **
There are two of these chain cafes in Erlangen, a smaller one in the town centre and a bigger one on the Röthelheim development. Everything is very standard, it is just Starbucks with a different face, their specials can be fun though so keep an eye out and if you are a frequent customer its worth picking up a customer stamp card for a free 10th coffee.

Drei Zeiten – Food *** Price *** My vote ***
A Der Beck run cafe located in the Arcarden, just a step up from your basic cafe, with a menu to match. Theres a large range of breakfasts, coffees and teas (and a business lunch menu too), so theres something for everyone. The service is changeable, do not be afraid not to tip (or even round up) if they are unhelpful.

Fast(er) food

– Fast food usually comes with the connotation that it is rubbish, these places are not at all! All have areas to sit down in and are fast food dine and dash style, rather than your traditional restaurant setup

Pho Ha Noi – Food ***** Price ** My vote *****
Vietnamese restaurant and takeaway, authentic (recommended by a Vietnamese friend after we had been frequenting this place for a year) with plenty of choice on their delicious menu. It is not a glamourous location or restaurant, it looks dated and a bit of a dive but I assure you the food and service are top drawer, you can be equally at home and welcome in this place in a suit or a paint covered tracksuit. There is a photo menu, which is very useful for me and they are very patient and helpful with non German speakers. Personal favourites include the summer rolls and the V6. They don’t appear to have a website so Kammerstrasse4 91054 Erlangen, 091319738441 are the vitals you’ll need.

Curry House – Food **** Price ** My vote *****
Canteen style with daily specials and plenty of choice for vegetarians. All the classic indian cuisine, with super quick service. No waitress service here, the chef will call you when your food is ready and you grab your own drinks from the fridge. My favourite meal is the Palak paneer with a garlic Naan straight out of the tandoor, their selection of Indian beers is also good.

Tacos Inc. – Food ***** Price ** My vote *****
Erlangens newest Mexican restaurant, get your Tacos, Burritos and Quesadilla here, along with all the usual side dishes and accompaniments. The service is very friendly and the food is fresh as well as fast. Grab a Corona whilst you figure out which of the hot sauces you want to try first, it’s just a shame that they close at 8pm! Like them on Facebook to hear about special offers

Red Flag BBQ – Food **** Price ** My vote *****
Ok so it’s a food truck, but it’s not just any food truck. These guys smoke all their pork, chicken, vegetables etc and have their own special bread, it is totally worth a visit, but go early, they sell out fast. Since it’s a van they travel round so Like them on Facebook to get the inside info on where they will be next, they cover Erlangen, Forchheim and Bamberg. Pulled pork sandwich, try it, you will not regret it.

Boogie’s BBQ – Food ***** Price ** My vote *****
Memphis style BBQ, all the meats are home smoked and the sides home made, ribs, sandwiches salads and combo deals, there really is something for everyone (except vegetarians). My Review


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